Bets Prices

Bellow is our prices, you can buy the tips immediately by using PayPal buttons.

Bets Prices:

Combo Bet One Day

Over/Under 2.5 goals Bet one Days

Combo + O/U 2.5 - One Day

25 euro BUY NOW

25 euro BUY NOW

40 euro BUY NOW

Combo Bet 5 Days

Over/Under 2.5 goals Bet 5 Days

Combo + O/U 2.5 - 5 Days

90 euro BUY NOW

90 euro BUY NOW

170 euro BUY NOW

Debit and Credit Card Payment

Combo Bet One DayOver/Under 2.5 goals Bet one DayCombo + O/U 2.5 – One Day
25 euro
25 euro
40 euro
Combo Bet 5 DaysOver/Under 2.5 goals Bet 5 DaysCombo + O/U 2.5 – 5 Days
90 euro
90 euro
170 euro

To purchase our bets just click on the button Buy Now.

Crypto Payments

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